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Good morning! 

Welcome to this open lesson. Today we are talking about British schools.

First, please watch this short video and tell me what you think about it.

Then please go to SB p76 and read the text. Underline all the words you don’t understand! The track is here.

(If you have no book, click here!)

After the reading, please do this test. You can check the reading for the answers! 🙂 link


Now read about Jamie Oliver.

“Dream school
Everyone in Britain knows Jamie Oliver, the multimillionaire TV chef. But when he left school at 16 with just 2 GCSE qualifications his teachers didn’t imagine that he would become so famous a few years later. Jamie’s school experience is unfortunately not unusual. In the UK, 47% of young people leave school at 16 with very few qualifications.

Jamie is now on TV again in the documentary series Jamie’s Dream School. The programm tries to create the school that Jamie wanted when he was younger. A class of 20 kids aged 16-18 are taught subjects by a team of experts in their field for example hip hop singer Tinchy Stryder and around-the-world sailor Ellen MacArthur. The idea is to inspire the young people to become interested in learning, to feel positive about school and stay in education.” Source: British Council Teach English

Now, please do the test to check your understanding, please click on this link.)

Here you can read about some ideas to make school a better place:

  • A flexible timetable
  • Time to understand things
  • Speakers that play music between lessons
  • More flexibility to choose subjects
  • Nice, smiling teachers
  • Friendly children

What are your ideas? Your homework is to record an audio presentation about making your school awesome! 

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