Traveller elementary unit 3a



please check these family relations:

When you have children, you are a parent.
If you are a male parent, you are a father.
If you are female parent, you are a mother.
If one of your children is a boy, he is your son.
If one of your children is a girl, she is your daughter.
When a couple gets married, the man is the husband, and the woman is his wife.
brother and sister both have the same parents.They are siblings.
grandparents: the parents of your parents
grandfather: the father of your father/mother
grandmother: the mother of your father/mother 
grandchildren: the children of your children
grandson: the son of one of your children
granddaughter:the daughter of one of your children
great grandfather: the father of your grandfather/grandmother
great grandmother: the mother of your grandfather/grandmother
uncle: the brother (or brother-in-law) of your mother/father
aunt: the sister (or sister-in-law)of your mother/father
cousin: the child of your aunt/uncle 
nephew: the male child of your brother/sister
niece: the female child of your brother/sister
spouse: the person you are married to
father-in-law: the father of your spouse 
mother-in-law: the mother of your spouse  
son-in-law: the husband of your daughter 
daughter-in-law: the wife of your son
brother-in-law: the husband of your sister  
sister-in-law: the wife of your brother

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